Caring for your Eyeglasses

Caring for your Eyeglasses

, by Vero Launier, 2 min reading time

The best way to clean your glasses (and prevent scratching) is to use the right tools and steps. The most important aspect when it comes to cleaning and protecting your glasses is to never use any chemicals or napkins designed for facial cleansing.
1. Wash with warm soapy water.
Wash your hands, get sudsy, and manually scrub the lenses, frames, and nosepads. Use a mild soap—a dishwashing detergent, so you don’t scratch your optics.
2. Using a Lens Cleaner.
If you're using lens cleaner in a spray bottle, use a small amount and spray onto the lens. Then, wipe it out with a clean, soft, lint-free cotton cloth. If you opt to use a cloth, use one that has been lightly dampened with water.
3. Simply brush the surface dry with a towel
The biggest mistake most people make when cleaning their lenses is not to dab the cloth gently on the glass. Rubbing hard, especially on a dry lens, is where most of the surface scratches come from.
4. Using a soft cloth
The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning your glasses is to make sure that they're never scratched. The best way to do that is use a soft microfiber cloth. To guarantee that your lenses aren't damaged, the cloth also needs to be clean and free of oils. It's best to use an unused cotton face towel or a clean handkerchief if the microfiber cloth isn't available.
Cleaning the frames
Cleaning eyeglass frames is best done with warm water. Dirt and facial oils from frames that were just cleaned with soap to one of the lenses will eventually cause blurriness. Or you can take your eyeglass frames to an optical shop that has several machines for cleaning eyeglass frames. If your frame has inlaid gems, you should take them to the store for hand cleaning only.



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